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PISONet Freeware - PISOPro Beta v1.0.2 Released

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PISOPro Beta v1.0.2 by: AJCshop
Bug Fixed + additional download for MultiPC requires no shutdown

>USB Cutoff timer system
>USB Flash Drive


>Download PisoPro Installer.zip (Freeware) at Download PISOPro here
>unzip the PisoPro.zip at Drive C:\ (default drive/path)
>Run the RegAutorun.exe then click "Set to Autorun"
>Download AJCSHOP file (Checker) at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
>Copy AJCSHOP file to USB (must be in drive F:) (if your USB drive falls in different Letter Click here [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] )
>Restart the your computer and lets the software do the work for you.

>Auto shutdown when no coin insert within 10mins (from bootup)
>Auto kill process when no left (approximatelly 1min to 2mins)
>Auto shutdown when no coin insert winthin 3mins to 4mins (after process kill)

*Note Scan the software first before the deployment (cyber space is not so safe)

Check you system, its should be like this:
sample diagram of USB/DATA cut-off
posted by PisonetCentral

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

its easy to use and install, best of all it's FREE!!!

Next project, PISOPro with mini game/file launcher

Last edited by AJCshop02 on Sat Jul 21, 2012 7:35 pm; edited 3 times in total


Sample Timer Looks like This

Dual relay timer yan ganito gamit ko sa mga unit ko
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
<to coins slot> yan yun nag coconect from timer to coinslot
<to power socket> yan nman ang switch/cutoff para pag nag insert coin on niya yung saksakan ng monitor at speaker
<to USB Hub> eto ung switch/cutoff for USB hub nakakabit dun ang keyboard mouse at USB drive for PisoPro
<to 12V power> connected ito sa power source, sa akin naka set ito sa 4pin molex but sa ground and yellow cable lang nakakabit ito para 12v.

Eto nman sample ng single relay na may usb/data cut-off
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
ang power nyan sa PSU na naka connect, para pag press ng power button mag on na din yung timer


^nice kuya, sana meron din po kahit hindi 2 yung relay para hindi na po gagastos ng new timer


^thanks sir AJC ok yung software nyon work like a charm, pwde na ako makahinga hay... sarap magpahinga daig ko pa may katulong na taga tingin sa pisonet ko.


thanks sir, pero sana mag post kayo dto how to connect yung USB hub sa Timer... thanks traditional setup gamit ko, off monitor at speaker gusto ko sana subukan yang software nyo, ty po.


dl done, try ko mamaya, thank you for for your generosity, more updates to come and looking forward for nanoguard released.

7 sir on Sat Jul 14, 2012 7:53 pm


pano kung iformat ng user ang usb? e d wala na?


^yes it could be, as sabotage but not act of hacking.. una sa lahat ang iisipin ng user yung makakabenefits sa kanila, if they format the USB sayang yung hinulog nila. for sabotage it is different story... anyway i can provide some counter measure to prevent your USB to be formatted... some of you siguro may knowledge sa usergroup or tweaks for registry to disable all possible treat sa units nyo. PISOPro is not a total package for protection (For Now) it designed to kill and shutdown your pc in the event there not enough coin insert and in the event someone sabotage your system especially your USB Drive.

but thanks for the idea, sa new version we consider this scenario. its better to have feedback like yours para mas maging maganda yung PISOPro. for next version (PIROPrem and NanoGuard) it could be controll online so that it the above scenario happens you can activate your new formated USB in no time.


eto na hehe ang kapatid ni PISOPro...

NanoGuard Test
NanoGuard protects and guard your computer from unwanted users.

Let your USB thumb drive be your key of protecting your computer. NanoGuard Locks, prevents other users to access your computer, it also can kill processes and shutdown your computer if your key (usb) removed for a certain time

video plang testing phase plang kasi eto how it works [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


thanks po sa free software, ito po ginagamit namin ngyon sa mga pisonet box namin, so far ok nman sa mga customer namin

wait namin yung nanoguard sir para sa single relay timer... ty po.


lahat po ba ng pisonet box may 2 relay? pano pag 1 lang po? makakarequest po ba sa seller ng piso net box na dual relay yung ilagay? salamat po.


mwalter wrote:lahat po ba ng pisonet box may 2 relay? pano pag 1 lang po? makakarequest po ba sa seller ng piso net box na dual relay yung ilagay? salamat po.

alam ko pwde ka request, sabihin mo yung 2 relay add lang yata ng 20pesos sa single yun ang maganda pa dun 8digit na yun.

para hindi OT: ty po sa freeware, very useful po sa amin bumaba ang electric bill dito sa bahay

up ko at w8 ko yung nanoguard mukhang ok na ok may warning pa.


thanks working na po ung setup ko here!! thanks sa pisopro..


sir pano po yan madownload


phenom08 wrote:sir pano po yan madownload

PISOPro Beta v1.0.2 - Download Here

NanoGuard Beta - Soon sir inaayos pa yung iba security issues and loop holes, so far almost 100% na yung software ready for released maybe 4th week of july.


Procedure for USB Drive (if hindi sa Letter F nag fall yung USB nyo)

Try to change your USB Drive using Disk Management (Windows)

Step 1: Locate the Disk Management:

then under COMPUTER MANAGEMENT window left side portion try to locate "Disk Management" and click it to show all registered drive (Right side).

Step 2: Change your USB Drive Letter:

Under "Disk Management" try to locate your USB Drive then right click on it, menu pops out and click on "Change Drive Letter and Path" a windows pops "Change Drive Letter and Path" then click on button "Change", now you can change your USB Drive Letter into Letter F:


thanks....ganda ng idea


thanks po sa naka appreciate, next ko po i-post dto yung apdate version ng PISOPro at yung Beta version ng NanoGuard.


ang galing mo boss AJCshop...wala pa ako business na pisonet basa basa lang ako kasi may balak din ako nito, napaka generous mo to share the software and idea for free. biruin mo naka bundle na ito sa for sale na pisonet nila pano ba payback sayo nito hehehe,kudos sayo boss..


^nag share lang po ako hehe, i just started to share my knowledge so that everyone can start sharing too... may natututunan ako sa PISOPro, may mga feedback na ibat iba and throu that mas naiintindihan ko ang business ng pisonet at iba pang possible problem.

thanks din sa mga gumamit at nag share or suggest... your opinions comment and other feedback ang magpapaganda pa lalo sa pisopro... hopefully all suggestion ay mailagay ko sa pisopro and nanoguard


waiting sa nano guard


sayang need pla dlawang relay...haiiist...eniwei thnks ajcshop...


^wait mo nlang ang Nanoguard pwde yung sa single relay timer


AJCshop galing mo!..ako din gusto ko mglagay ng gnitong negosyo pero gusto mgbasabsa muna para mrami akong mtutunan bfore ako mg start nito..saka gusto ko rin sana magkaron ng tut regarding sa pag gawa nito pwede mo b ko tulungan sir AJCshop khit tut lang sana..hehe


bat wala po nangyayari sakin boss tamapo namn ginawa ko.,.,release npo b yan nano sir napakaganda po n software nyan.,gusto ko rin po nyan excited n ako para piso net ko po.,. cheers

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