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Types of Timer Cut-Off (Power, USB/Data, Hybrid)

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Types of Timer Cut-Off:

1. Power Cut-off - It is the most common and easiest cut-off to setup. This is where the timer relay connected to the 220v switch that power on the monitor and/or speaker. The mechanics of this type of cut-off is basically true or false, when the timer sense that there is a coin insert, the timer relay act as switch to power-up your monitors and speaker. it is a hardware based cut-off the very effective way of switching.

2. USB/Data Cut-off - It is basically same as power cut-off type but instead of connecting the timer relay of 220v power switch, it connects data signal or 5v switch. It can be applied of switching/bridging data signal for Monitor (VGA Cable), USB Hubs, Keyboard or Mouse Signal. It requires more technical knowledge to setup this type of cut-off, it involves cracking the diagram of each cabling of each devices. The mechanics of this type of cut-off same as the power cut-off, the timer act as switch/bridge that connect cablings to pass through the data signals to the another end of cable. It can be a hardware or software based cut-off

3. Hybrid Cut-Off - It is the combination of Power Cut-Off and USB/Data Cut-Off. It requires 220v to 5v adaptor or simply the dual relay timer. It is the most effective cut-off (dual relay) if 1 fails there another to catch and sense the timer and coin insert (requires hardware and software proper configuration and setup)

Note: I will post here later how to setup those types of timer cut-offs.

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